Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

Our Team

Aniket Narkhede

Director- Gavyamrut Healthcare LLP. Adviser- Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

Based in London he supports activities of Academy. To spread the science of Panchgavya Ayurveda, he has established Gavyamrut Healthcare LLP (GVHC) which aims at providing healthcare solutions to practitioners of Ayurveda and Alternative Holistic Therapies. GVHC is the official distributor for VedaPulse Pulse Diagnostic Device in India. More can be found out here. GVHC in collaboration with Vedic Academy aims at establishing Panchgavya centers all over India which will provide in-house treatments for all kinds of diseases in holistic way. Also this provides job opportunities to all students of Academy.

Vaidya Nikhil Undegaonkar

Pradhan Vaidya & Teacher.Principal- Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education. Adviser- Gavyamrut Health Care

Also know as Nam Acharya. He is B.tech Chemical from NIT Surat. Being an engineer with no medical background,to learn Panchgavya along with Pulse Diagnosis was not an easy journey. He studied Ayurveda extensively under Dr. Shirish Bhate. You can read more about his story here. He is the Principal at Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education. He practices and teaches Panchgavya Therapy with Pulse Diagnosis. He has treated more than 1500 patients successfully and still continues to do so. He travels all over India & Abroad conducting seminars & Health camps. Mostly he is stationed in Bangalore(Karnataka) & Parbhani(Maharashtra) his hometown. He runs a small Gaushala at his farm near Parbhani, where he provides free service to poor. This website is his earnest attempt to evangelize the benefits of Cow Therapy or Go-Chikitsa. He along with Ghanshyam Das started Vedic Academy For Panchgavya Education to spread this ancient science of Pulse diagnosis. Till now more than 500 students, from various fields and of different age group, have been trained in Pulse Diagnosis & Panchgavya therapy. Many of them have taken up Panchgavya Therapy as their career.

Ghanshyam Das

Manufacturer & CEO- Gokripa Products. Director- Vedic Academy For Panchgavya Education. Adviser- Gavyamrut Healthcare

Having been served Mother Cow for a long time in the Land of Vraja, Vrindavan, he decided to move to his homeland Gujarat to manufacture Panchgavya Products. Along with his good wife Srimati Nilamben, struggled a lot to establish in a very remote town Jasdan, Rajkot. Since 2008 he is been manufacturing all kinds of Go Products made up of Panchgavya including Soaps, Shampoos, Ark, Ghanavati, Tooth powder etc. He has established his own brand GOSEVA Gokripa Products which is known for its authentic & quality medicinal products.It is the No.1 brand all over the world in the field of Panchgavya today. More can be found out on his website here Since March 2015, the time when Vaidya Nikhil (Nam Acharya) and he became known to each other, they developed an earnest desire to spread the knowledge of Panchgavya to save Mother Cow not in a sentimental or emotional but in a practical & scientific way by making Mother Cow economically Viable. Hence together they established Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

Our Activities

We conduct seminars all over India in which we teach Pulse Diagnosis & Panchgavya Therapy. Also we conduct Health Camps in which we check patients. Anyone who want to organize such Seminar or Health Camp may contact us

We are in a process to recruit Vaidyas and assistants for Our Panchgavya Centers all over India. Interested candidates can Apply Now!
Eligibility Criteria
Qualified BAMS/BHMS/Siddha/Unani degree holder from recognized University
Experience in Traditional Medicine