Journey from An Engineer to Vaidya

सर्वस्य चाहं हृदि सन्निविष्टो
मत्तः स्मृतिर्ज्ञानमपोहनं च।

 I am seated in everyone’s heart, and  from Me comes remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.              (Bhagavad Gita 15.15)

Every individual is inspired by the Supreme Lord from within his heart to do any activity. From millions of lifetimes soul is traveling from one body to another searching for peace & happiness. He keeps on accumulating tons of desires, & when he becomes deserving, the Supreme Lord within inspires him to fulfill that particular desire and guides him on that way…..

Since childhood I wanted to know why somethings happen to someone, is there any chance or a well planned set…? Being topper since 1st standard, I was puffed up and by the arrangement of destiny, all my efforts went in vain to achieve what I wanted and the same destiny stood infront of me with something which I never thought to be deserving with what I had, at that time…I wanted admission into IIT. But could get into NIT, that too Chemical which i hated since 11th.

Question kept on ringing in my ears- Is there a God behind all these?  And the same Lord within my heart took me towards His timeless wisdom in the form of Gita, to give me the answer for my questions! I got the answer. Every now and then I had cough, cold, fever and was taking tablets all the time. One fine day, my knee got swollen & I lost vision of one eye completely.  Many Doctors suggested me to go for Orthoscopy. It was a 100% meniscus ligament tare! An eye specialist said – ‘ It’s only in GOD’s hand to save your eye, its an incurable corneal ulcer’. Oh My God….why did He do this to me….? I went to all specialist, almost 40 kinds of eye drops were being administered to me per day.

I was asking doctors about  the cause for this disease. My uncle asked me to go for HLAB27 test. It was positive! I was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome. A type of Ankylosing Spondylitis. For Almost 6 months I was unable to walk like a normal person. With some Acupuncture treatment given by Dr. Yogesh from Bandra, atleast I could walk. But the attack was recurring. I Went back and started googling. I came to know that it is a Vata disorder and tension triggers it.

I read somewhere that by Naadi or Pulse one can find out ones Varna and by that Dharma too! Wow! that was fantastic!! As I kept on reading through the pages of scriptures, I came to know that, this body is the instrument to carry out Dharma. So without healthy body, one can not perform anything. Ayurveda is such a science, by taking shelter of which, one can find out disease within his body by Naadi-pariksha and get cured as well.

I started finding out who can check my Pulse!! Destiny took me to an old doctor in Thane. It was an old ayurvedic shop named Kapila Ayurveda. I was called in, by a lady assistant. I went inside. There I saw an old man with specks looking strangely at me. He asked me to sit down.  I was curious to know how will he find out, what’s happening in my body. Literally half an hour he held my hand. I already had experience of so called famous Ayurvedic doctors who were known for their expertise in Naadi. They used to check my pulse and ask- whats the problem, have you got your MRI scan done?! Thirty minutes passed by. I expected the same from this old person. I grew little impatient and I began to tell: “Sir I got this leg probl..” He stopped me. He told that he would tell me what is his diagnosis and if something is wrong or remaining I could tell him later’. After that he started telling whole list of my problems. I was dumbfound. In the end he asked me, “Is there anything which I left out?” I was speechless. There was actually nothing to say. He had elaborately enlisted my problems!

He gave me Gomutra Medicines with few Ayurvedic preparations. Mean while, I asked about his name and few other things. He denied to answer. Instead he told me to just take the prasad of Gomata, get cured and  forget him! I have never come across such a down to earth person. It took me nearly three visits, once every fortnight, to get to know his name.  After taking those medicines, I realized why Gau is called as Mother and why she has been highly valued and worshiped.  

As I continued visiting Dr. Shirish Bhate, as his patient, I kept on asking him my doubts related to Ayurveda. He answered all my doubts without any hesitance. I got trained under him and subsequently received a degree in Alternative medicine from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine ( I.B.A.M, Kolkata )

By the blessings of my beloved parents, teachers and Mother Cow, I am trading my path as a Vaidya.