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Aniket Narkhede

Director- Gavyamrut Healthcare LLP. Adviser- Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

Based in London he supports activities of Academy. To spread the science of Panchgavya Ayurveda, he has established Gavyamrut Healthcare LLP (GVHC) which aims at providing healthcare solutions to practitioners of Ayurveda and Alternative Holistic Therapies. GVHC is the official distributor for VedaPulse Pulse Diagnostic Device in India. More can be found out here. GVHC […]

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Vaidya Nikhil Undegaonkar

Pradhan Vaidya & Teacher.Principal- Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education. Adviser- Gavyamrut Health Care

Also know as Nam Acharya. He is B.tech Chemical from NIT Surat. Being an engineer with no medical background,to learn Panchgavya along with Pulse Diagnosis was not an easy journey. He studied Ayurveda extensively under┬áDr. Shirish Bhate. You can read more about his story here. He is the Principal at Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education. […]

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Ghanshyam Das

Manufacturer & CEO- Gokripa Products. Director- Vedic Academy For Panchgavya Education. Adviser- Gavyamrut Healthcare

Having been served Mother Cow for a long time in the Land of Vraja, Vrindavan, he decided to move to his homeland Gujarat to manufacture Panchgavya Products. Along with his good wife Srimati Nilamben, struggled a lot to establish in a very remote town Jasdan, Rajkot. Since 2008 he is been manufacturing all kinds of […]

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