Fighting with Covid 19


Fighting with Covid 19

To my dear patients
Hare Krishna!

I hope you are doing well and all your family members are keeping good health.

It’s already 12 days over for the countrywide lock down in India . Now 9 days more to go.

Many of you have asked me about precautions to be taken during this pendemic. Our government is already educating us on precautions.

Still I have listed few points below. Please go through them

Very important point- Just make sure you don’t get constipation or indigestion which is the main cause for loss of immunity.

1. Daily exercise for atleast 20 min
2. Eat 2 times a day. Dinner should be as early as possible
3. Eat easily digestible and light food since you are at home
4. Drink 2 glass of hot water in morning with lemon and turmeric
5. Increase use of ginger in daily food preparations.
6. If you have gomutra Ark take 5ml of it every day morning with hot water lemon. If you are already on my medication then this is not required.
7. Spend less time on mobile or TV or laptop unnecessary.
8. Read Bhagavad Gita daily for 1 hr atleast.

Many other dietary suggestions are being circulated over social media to improve immunity but I have given whatever I felt important.
Any problems you can always drop me a mail/message.

If you want to loose your weight or
Detox your body, these upcoming 10 days are great opportunity for you. You can drop me a message or mail if you would like to go through this program. I will send you details.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy home stay.

Vaidya Nikhil Namacharya

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