Ghanshyam Das


Ghanshyam Das

Having been served Mother Cow for a long time in the Land of Vraja, Vrindavan, he decided to move to his homeland Gujarat to manufacture Panchgavya Products. Along with his good wife Srimati Nilamben, struggled a lot to establish in a very remote town Jasdan, Rajkot. Since 2008 he is been manufacturing all kinds of Go Products made up of Panchgavya including Soaps, Shampoos, Ark, Ghanavati, Tooth powder etc. He has established his own brand GOSEVA Gokripa Products which is known for its authentic & quality medicinal products.It is the No.1 brand all over the world in the field of Panchgavya today. More can be found out on his website here
Since March 2015, the time when Vaidya Nikhil (Nam Acharya) and he became known to each other, they developed an earnest desire to spread the knowledge of Panchgavya to save Mother Cow not in a sentimental or emotional but in a practical & scientific way by making Mother Cow economically Viable. Hence together they established Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

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