Panchgavya Solution for Diabetes


Panchgavya Solution for Diabetes

Diabetes has become the challenging problem for present day physicians. 63 million people from India and 422 million people around the globe are suffering with this.It is the cause for so many other diseases.

Treatments available at present for Diabetes are not of Curing nature but rather of controlling. It involves the intake of insulin and non insulin medicines. Longer use of such medicines is found to damage the overall metabolism of body leading to kidney diseases. It is imperative to explore newer, efficacious drugs/procedures to tackle such disease entities.

Panchgavya Ayurveda has really got solutions, which are of curing nature, for Diabetes. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering with Diabetes. In order to present our work on this particular disease, we chose few patients and published a research paper at 104th Indian Science Congress, 3-7 January at SV University Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. We hope this study will give some confidence and faith to the patients suffering with Diabetes to take advantage of Panchgavya Therapy.

Download the pdf copy of the paper here
Diabetes Paper

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