Patients Corner

I hope you are doing well with the Panchgavya Medicines!. If there are some problems, Please don’t worry.

Gomutra is a detoxifier. Panchgavya Medicines removes all toxins within the body. In order to do that heat is increased within the body. That time toxin starts coming out from their places and travels towards 1. Skin – to be removed in the form of sweat, 2. Rectum – to be removed in the form of stool, 3. KIdney n Bladder -to be removed in the form of Urine.

If there are blocks in these channels then there will be problems like 1. Acidity 2. Burning in eyes 3. Burning while passing stool 4. Burning while passing Urine 5. Burning all over body scratches, itching 6. Boils on face 7. Gases 8. Increase in Uric Acid 9. Body Pain. 10. Vomiting, Nausea 11. Loose Motions 12. Fever Etc Etc

These symptoms remain normally for a week. If they are for more days then you should immediately update your Vaidya about these as he may suggest you few modifications in dosages.

Common remedies in such cases

  1. Reduce the dosage of Arkas to half or Mix all Ark together and have only one cap
  2. Increase the quantity of water with Ark
  3. Drink Hot water and Lemon
  4. Increase the dosage of Aloevera
  5. Have 1 spoon of Vetivara powder morning and evening with Ark
  6. Increase Pachanamrita
  7. Drink Narikela or Coconut water in morning times
  8. Have Subja 1 spoon morning and evening
  9. Eat more ghee as it balances pitta
  10. Drink more butter milk
  11. Follow Pathya-Apathya chart strictly
  12. Press marma points as taught while checkup to get relief from body pain

Please remember following things

  1. We are bound to suffer reactions of Past life and Present life Karmas. Disease which you are suffering with is the result of your misdeeds.
  2. Everyone in this world has a specific life span decided at the time of birth.
  3. Any therapy in this world can not guarantee anyone from the complete cure from the disease.
  4. Panchgavya Therapy is the part of age old tradition of Ayurveda. It has been proven very effective among all kinds of therapies existing in the world today.
  5. It doesn’t have an side effects as such which other Pathies may have. Above mentioned symptoms are not side effects but a symptom of cleansing process. As it no way damages any organ in the body, even if it in case doesnt solve your problem.
  6. Please don’t expect the miracles with Panchgavya though it might have given the amazing results in many cases.
  7. Don’t expect quick results, as it removes disease from its root and it may take more time in some individuals.
  8. Ayurveda is a Philosophy of life. It teaches us how to live a God-centric life. A path to attain enlightenment.
  9. If you want to do bhoga and enjoy your life without any restrictions then Panchgavya therapy may not work for you.
  10. While undergoing Panchgavya medicines and Allopathy treatments together, please don’t try to fit yourself in allopathic diagnostic test results. Always try to see the difference in your day to day life.
  11. Do spend time with cows in Goshalas or farm. Feed them, massage them personally. Lift Gobar by your own hands. Please pray to Lord Krishna and Gaumata for your speedy recovery so that you can serve them.

I too pray for your good health….Jai Gaumata.