Pure Organic 100% Naturally grown Green Moong


Pure Organic 100% Naturally grown Green Moong

Pure Organic 100% Naturally grown Green Moong is available

This Green Moong is grown in our farm at Parbhani in this year’s rainy season. We did not use any type of chemical fertilizer or insecticides. Whole land has become fertile by the grazing of Desi Cows. This year we did not even see any insects on our Moong plants. It was all healthy. We got yield of 550 kg in 5 acres. Now we have a stock of 450 kg whole Moong.


Moong is very healthy diet.
Patients with weakness, Indigestion problems, low apetite, etc can gain lot of strength by Green Moong. It can be used in the form of Dahl or curry, in vegetables. Moong Dahl Halva (Sweet) is very famous in Indians.

Why Organic?

Our body is made by God. God has created all natural food for our consumtion. So whatever available in Nature helps us to grow. Earlier farming was done naturally without use of any fertilizers manufactured in factories. It was a cow based Agronomy. Cows used to freely graze on the land. Due to their dung and urine land used to become fertile and there was no need of any fertilizer. Hardly any pest used to attack the plant.

But soon with modernization, chemical fertilizers started attacking our lands fertility. Chemical used enters into ground water resource and comes in our kitchen. Through grains it enters in side our food. this chemical is the cause for many deadly diseases.

So we should always see that our grains, vegetables, pulses, etc are all grown Naturally.

Also never use pulse which are polished. Every pulse has a covering which helps in digesting it in our stomach. This covering is rich with nutrients.

If you require Green Moong in Dahl form pls let us know, we will get Whole Moong converted into Dahl. This will be done on stone grinder.

Green moong dahl getting prepared manually by using stone grinder

Please book your quanity Now only as the stock is limited….

Stock Available

Price: Rs. 100 per Kg Whole Moong. Whole Moong Stock has finished on 25th January 2017.

Rs. 150 per Kg Moong Dahl

Grinded dahl Stock available as on 25th January is 200 kg

Courier Charges Extra..

To order Please deposit the Amount in following account as per your required quantity

Name:Kamdhenu Panchgavya Ayurved Kendra

A/c No: 0637102000012218

IFSC Code: IBKL0000637

But before depositing the amount confirm with us about the available stock.

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