Vrindavan Eco Farms

Coming Soon....

Coming Soon….

Vaidya Nikhil Namacharya’s CowCure Ayurveda is coming up with
Vrindavana Eco Farms- An Ayurvedic Concept based on Mother Cow.
Total Area 18 acres.
under organic cultivation since 2013.
Gaushala with 14 cows incl calfs

Vision– Project will have following things
1. An Ayurvedic Panchkarma centre
2. Nature Cure Centre
3. Inpatient Ward
4. Outpatient ward
5. Residential quarters, Dormitory
6. Temple of Sri Sri Radha Krishna
7. Vedic Gurukul
8. Vocational training centre
9. Panchgavya Ayurvedic medicines mfg unit
10. School for differently abled children
11. Research centre for reinventing ancient technologies
12. Compressed Biogas unit
13. Gaushala -Development of Local Breed
14. Bull powered Machines like Oil Ghani
15. An Organic Restaurant-Prasadam Unit
16. Locally found Vegetables farming

Focus of our project to educate the people How to live a Disease free Healthy, Blissful, Peaceful Spiritual life based on Vedic Values.

The core of project will be A Vedic Gurukula where students will learn all Vedic Sciences like Ayurveda, Vedic Mathematics, Jyotish, Farming, Sthapatya kala, Goseva, etc right from early child hood. They will be taught Ramayan,Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Darshan Shastras, etc. All education will be given in Sanskrit, English, Hindi & native languages.

Along with Vedic Education , Modern Education will also be provided so that students will be not be bereft of any opportunities which they would wish to after completion of education. We will be connected to National Institute of Open schooling (NIOS) for that matter. Its a Govt of India Initiative.

We require your support to accomplish this project. Once it starts ruuning stably then you can also start the same in your area.  Our only moto is that Vedic Science to be preserved by Educating small childern from very young age.

Please do support us finiancially, you can sponser the part of construction.  We are trying to minimise the cost of construction by using mud house technologies with minimum usage of Cement & Iron.

Whole project is undertaken by CowCure Fondation, a charitable trust Reg No  E-8392/P

yours in the service of Mother Cow & Lord Sri Krishna

Vaidya Nikhil Namacharya

Mobile +91 9004656749