Vrindavan Eco Farms

Coming Soon....

Coming Soon….

Vaidya Nikhil Namacharya’s CowCure Healthcare(OPC) Pvt Ltd is coming up with
Vrindavana Eco Farms- An Ayurvedic Concept based on Mother Cow.
Total Area 18 acres.
under organic cultivation since 2013.
Gaushala with 10 cows incl calfs

Vision– Project will have following things
1. An Ayurvedic Panchkarma centre
2. Nature Cure Centre
3. Inpatient Ward
4. Outpatient ward
5. Residential quarters, Dormitory
6. Temple of Sri Sri Radha Krishna
7. Vedic Gurukul
8. Vocational training centre
9. Panchgavya Ayurvedic medicines mfg unit
10. School for differently abled children
11. Research centre for reinventing ancient technologies
12. Compressed Biogas unit
13. Gaushala -Development of Local Breed
14. Bull powered Machines like Oil Ghani
15. An Organic Restaurant-Prasadam Unit
16. Locally found Vegetables farming

Whole construction will be done with Earthbag Technology with very minimal usage of iron & cement.
We will be starting our construction work in September 2018 & plan to complete it by February 2019.

Your suggestions, comments, support in any form is always Welcome!

A detailed brochure will soon be published..

contact info@CowCure.com
Mobile +91 9004656749